Nanotel has developed the first prototype of a battery powered water/heat/gas meter and valve control device and its application server for water/heat/gas supply points of utilities.

One device can control 2 water supply points each having a water meter (with pulse output) and a motorized valve.

The connection between the Device and the Application Server is set up through a standard low power network infrastructure called LoRaWAN.

The supported functions of the Application Server are the following

  • Defining new devices
  • Defining new meters and assigning (connecting) them to devices
  • Calibrating meters (to set how to convert counter values to meter values taking into consideration the pulse value and the offset between counter and meter)
  • Collecting pulses from meters
  • Getting the actual valve status of meters (open, close, stuck in between…)
  • Manual control of valves (open / close)
  • Control valves automatically by scheduled commands or upon predefined volume limits (for prepaid consumptions)